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Online:Off Balance

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*The [[ON:Tactician (champion)|Tactician]] perk from 120 points in [[ON:The Atronach (champion)|The Atronach]] will set enemies Off Balance when you perform a Roll Dodge near them.
*The [[ON:Exploiter|Exploiter]] perk from 75 points in [[ON:The Ritual (champion)|The Ritual]] will increase your damage done against Off Balanced enemies.
* Bosses and other CC immune enemies will not get set off balance if their heavy attacks are blocked or their spells interrupted. The only way to apply Off Balance to boss type enemies is to damage them with the lightning version of [[ON:Wall of Elements|Wall of Elements]] while they are [[ON:Concussed|Concussed]].
* BossesTargets will now gain 15 seconds of Off Balance immunity after Off Balance ends.

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