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Lore:Snow Elf

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Some Snow Elves managed to avoid becoming slaves to the Dwemer, instead retreating to hidden shrines or hiding with sympathetic families.{{ref|name=DOFA}} Over a hundred were at the isolated Chantry of [[Lore:Auri-El|Auri-El]] when the Dwemer made their offer, and by the time news of it reached them, they were too late to stop it.{{ref|name=DGGelebor}} These few remaining Snow Elves look upon their twisted brethren with pity. However, these sentiments were not shared by the Falmer, as they attacked their untainted cousins with the same ferocity that they displayed towards the other surface races.{{ref|name=Dawnguard}}
Over the ages, the Snow Elves fell into legend.{{intnote|nb2|[nb2]}} One story tells of the ancient Snow Elf wizard named Serenarth, who was shot by an arrow from Ysgramor's bow Long-Launcher during the Night of Tears, and with his last strength summoned a mighty [[Lore:Frost Atronach|frost atronach]] and he traded the Daedra's spirit with his own. To this day, Serenarth's host form waits, encased in ice within a glacier close to where his frozen corpse still lies, destined to thaw out and seek vengeance on Ysgramor's heirs.{{ref|name=EGTSkyrim|{{Cite Book|EGT|Skyrim}}}} One of the first real pieces of evidence establishing that the Snow Elves had existed was the discovery of the Snow Prince's remains in Jolgeirr Barrow on the island of Solstheim in {{Year|3E 427}}.{{ref|name=Bloodmoon|Events of [[BM:Bloodmoon|Bloodmoon]]}} Traces of the Snow Elves may be present in the mer of today, as it's suspected that many interbred with other elves before they ceased to exist as an identifiable culture.{{ref|name=BMAthellor}} The [[Lore:Skaal|Skaal]] believe that the [[Lore:Riekling|rieklings]] of Solstheim are descendants of the Snow Elves, although scholars argue that they are simply snow goblins.{{ref|name=BMAthellor}}{{ref|name=BMSkaal|Dialogue of [[BM:Skaal Village|Skaal villagers]] in [[BM:Bloodmoon|Bloodmoon]]}} The strange race known as Ice Warriors, found in the icy caves of [[Lore:Glacier Crawl|Glacier Crawl]], were also thought to possibly be a remnant of the Snow Elves. These beings are uncommunicative with outsiders, but the icy blue-skinned humanoids fit the description of the ancient Snow Elves.{{ref|name=Dawnstar|Events of [[Dawnstar:Dawnstar|Dawnstar]]}} The garrison town of [[Lore:Dawnstar|Dawnstar]] was once besieged by the glacier tribes, or {{Lore Link|Ice Tribes}}. These were blue-skinned humanoids that had tamed [[Lore:Troll|trolls]] and the dreaded [[Lore:Gehenoth|Gehenoth]] as war beasts, and had plotted with the traitorous champion of the town.{{ref|name=Shadowkey|Events of [[SK:Shadowkey|Shadowkey]]}} Some legends claim [[Lore:Wispmother|Wispmothers]] are the last remnants of the Snow Elves,{{ref|name=TW|{{Cite Book|The Wispmother}}}}{{Ref|name=TAS|{{Cite Book|The Amronal's Spell}}}} which is heavily supported by their behavior and tapered ears. Legends say that one of the reasons Snow Elves met their fall was due to the god of luck {{Lore Link|Sai}} who brought luck to Skyrim for the Nords, neglecting the Snow Elves.{{ref|name=KE10|{{Cite Book|King Edward, Part X}}}}}}
By {{Year|4E 201}}, what was once superstition had become, more or less, common knowledge: the increased activity of the underground Falmer made it increasingly difficult to dismiss them as myths. It is thought that their activity is related to a planned invasion of the surface world.{{ref|name=TFAS}}{{ref|name=SRLoading|[[Skyrim:Loading Screens|Loading screen in Skyrim]]}} Other elves are repulsed by the idea that these Falmer were once mer like themselves, and many wonder whether these monsters are truly all that remain of the legendary Snow Elves.{{ref|name=Skyrim}} Around this time, the Great Statue of {{Lore Link|Irkngthand}}, built in secret by the Betrayed, was discovered by the [[Lore:Thieves Guild|Thieves Guild]].{{ref|name=TLW|{{Cite Book|Thief's Last Words|ns_base=Skyrim}}}} It was perhaps the only known depiction of the ancient Snow Elves. However, when the thieves removed the Eyes of the Falmer (which are giant gems of enormous value), it caused the cavern to collapse, burying this priceless treasure.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}
*{{LNote|nb1|1.|According to one story, the Snow Elves were neglected by {{Lore Link|Sai}}, the God of Luck.{{ref|name=KE10|{{Cite Book|King Edward, Part X}}}}}}
*{{LNote|nb2|2.|In the {{Lore Link|Fourth Era}}, con-men were known to peddle "Falmerblood Elixir", claiming it could make people live for thousands of years, see into the thoughts of others, learn a library's worth of knowledge in moments, or grow back a missing limb.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}}}

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