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Lore:Sotha Sil

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Sotha Sil once spent time counseling, guiding, and protecting mortals, loving them perhaps more than either Vivec or Almalexia.{{ref|name=MWAlmalexia|[[Tribunal:Almalexia#Dialogue|Almalexia]]'s dialogue in [[Tribunal:Tribunal|Tribunal]]}} He is said to have felt the stress of each of his people, but assigned them no more load than he knew they could bear.{{ref|name=ONSOS}} Sotha Sil’s traumatizing childhood may be one of the first factors that contributed with his deteriorating mental health. Him being the only survivor of his House being destroyed by Mehrunes Dagon{{ref|name=ABHoAS}} may be why one of his goals was to destroy the daedra.{{ref|name=CD|[[Online:Sotha Sil|Sotha Sil]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Clockwork City (DLC)|ESO: Clockwork City]]}} His ascension into godhood was accompanied by a silence described as coming from a place of grief and deep regret,{{ref|name=DivaythFyrCWC|[[Online:Divayth Fyr|Divayth Fyr]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Clockwork City (DLC)|ESO: Clockwork City]]}} evidently from his betrayal of his oath to Indoril Nerevar.{{ref|name=MPStars}} His lifework, the Clockwork City, was created to serve as a world-shaping device, but he felt sorrow from it being built on betrayal and untold horrors.{{ref|name=CD|[[Online:Sotha Sil|Sotha Sil]]'s dialogue in [[Online:Clockwork City (DLC)|ESO: Clockwork City]]}} In time, Sotha Sil became detached from the real world. He gradually lost touch with the affairs of the Dunmer, the rest of the Tribunal, and eventually all of Tamriel.{{ref|name=MWHelas|[[Tribunal:Mehra Helas#Dialogue|Mehra Helas]]' dialogue in [[Tribunal:Tribunal|Tribunal]]}} His obsession with perfecting his Clockwork City, and the fact that its functions is very dependent on his presence,{{ref|name=LucianaPullo|[[Online:Proctor Luciana Pullo|Luciana Pullo]]' dialogue in the [[Online:Clockwork City (DLC)|ESO: Clockwork City]]}} was one of the contributing factors that would ultimately cause him to become distant, reclusive, and would lead his participation with mortal affairs to dwindle. His last known participation of mortal affairs was in {{Year|3E 417}}, when after centuries of becoming weaker and more desperate, Sotha Sil and Almalexia lost two of Kagrenac's Tools, Keening and Sunder, to Dagoth Ur's forces. Vivec rescued them, but they could not recover the stolen Tools and had to flee Red Mountain.{{ref|name=DUP}}
Sotha Sil continued developing The Mechanical Heart, but its progress would be threatened as the day arrived, just as he predicted, where his friend Almalexia would come to kill him.{{ref|name=Aios|[[Online:Aios|Aios]]' dialogue in [[Online:Clockwork City (DLC)|ESO: Clockwork City]]}}{{ref|name=SSRTCCTLS|[[Legends:Sotha Sil (character)|Sotha Sil]]'s dialogue in the mission [[Legends:The Last Stand|The Last Stand]] in [[Legends:Return to Clockwork City|Return to Clockwork City]]}} In {{Year|3E 427}}, the goddess [[Lore:Almalexia (god)|Almalexia]], having been driven mad by her loss of immortality, manipulated the [[Lore:Nerevarine|Nerevarine]] to retrieve [[Lore:Barilzar's Mazed Band|Barilzar's Mazed Band]], which she used to travel to the Clockwork City to murder Sotha Sil in cold blood. When Almalexia came face to face with Sotha Sil, he said not one word, making her think that even in death, Sotha Sil mocked her with silence.{{ref|name=TRB|[[Tribunal:Almalexia|Almalexia]]'s dialogue in [[Tribunal:Tribunal|Tribunal]]}} In reality, he was likely in another state of mind and was unable to respond, a result of being plugged into the control center within the Dome of Sotha Sil.{{ref|name=SSDRTCCTLS|[[Legends:Sotha Sil (character)|Sotha Sil]]'s emote dialogue in the mission [[Legends:The Last Stand|The Last Stand]] in [[Legends:Return to Clockwork City|Return to Clockwork City]]}} In his final moments, he attempted to use his control center to seal the Chamber of Lorkhan to prevent the Heart from falling into the wrong hands and to ensure the City would live on after his death. He was successful in sealing the Chamber and his machines began finishing the construction of The Mechanical Heart within it. After murdering Sotha Sil, Almalexia transported his fabricants into [[Lore:Mournhold|Mournhold]] to wreak havoc. She then tricked the Nerevarine into going to the Clockwork City to kill the late Sotha Sil, who she blamed for the attacks. Once there, she attempted to murder the Nerevarine as well, but her divine powers had waned, and as a result, she wasn't powerful enough and was struck down.{{Ref|name=TR|Events of [[Tribunal:Tribunal|Tribunal]]}} Sotha was survived by his cosmic daughter Memory, who he himself gave birth to.{{ref|name=36L|{{Cite Book|36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 37}}}}{{ref|group=UOL|[ Tribunal Concept art - Michael Kirkbride]}} His body was presumably retrieved by Vivec, who interred him and Almalexia in the proper Velothi fashion, and mourned them as they were his family.{{ref|name=MKTribunalBodies|group=UOL|{{TIL|''What would happen to Almalexia and Sotha Sil's bodies after their deaths?'' (04/04/14) — Michael Kirkbride's Posts|posts-kirkbride-2014}}}} Azura claimed that her anticipation shed his mortality long ago, and that his death was likely no small relief to him.{{Ref|name=ADM|Azura's dialogue in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}} The majority of the populace seemingly did not know of Almalexia’s betrayal to her fellow tribune and would attribute the death of Sotha Sil to the Nerevarine.{{ref|name=PGE3M|{{Cite Book|PGE|3|Morrowind}}}}
Sotha Sil's Legacy lived on as the Clockwork City continued to be powered by The Mechanical Heart after his death. The Heart finished being fully constructed by his machines 207 years after his death in {{Year|4E 201}}.{{ref|name=SSRTCCTLS}} However, stories tell of a Forgotten Hero who followed a former {{Future Link|Clockwork Apostle}}, [[Lore:Mecinar|Mecinar]], into the city to prevent the latter from claiming the Heart's power. The stories has an unclear ending, where one rumor claims that the Heart was destroyed to strip Mecinar of its divine power so that the two can fight on equal ground, and as a result the city ceased functions and its inhabitants were forced to abandon the city.{{ref|name=LRTCCTCF|[[Legends:Kellen|Kellen]]'s dialogue in the mission [[Legends:The City Falls|The City Falls]] in [[Legends:Return to Clockwork City|Return to Clockwork City]]}} In another rumor, the hero is said to have used the Heart to harness its power and fought Mecinar on equal ground, and the Heart would live on, along with the city.{{ref|name=LRTCCKJE|[[Legends:Kellen|Kellen]]'s dialogue in the mission [[Legends:Journey's End|Journey's End]] in [[Legends:Return to Clockwork City|Return to Clockwork City]]}}{{ref|name=RCWC|Events of [[Legends:Return to Clockwork City|Return to Clockwork City]]}}

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