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Lore talk:Children of the Root

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(Also, I feel like the Kota link is another example of why separating Padomay and Sithis is a bad idea. There's no reason to support a link to Padomay over a link to Sithis here when the only clear analogue is Satakal, who is tied to both names){{uns|Jacksol}}
So I didn’t make any of the hyper-links on this page, but it makes sense that Kota would be linked to Padomay in this instance for consistencies sake. When hyper-linking presumed deities, we almost always use the most basic/universal version of that deity. For example if a text speaks to an unnamed “dragon god of time” we would almost for sure link to Akatosh rather than Auriel or Alkosh even though any of the three COULD work. Anu and Padomay are definitely the most basic to link to in this instance instead of Anuiel and Sithis or Ahnurr and Fadomai etc. -dcking20

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