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Lore:Children of the Root

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Removed questionable hyper-links Atak(Anu) + Kota(Padomay) = Satakal if anything, also the shadow could be Sithis just as much as it could Lorkhan.
Atak named Kota for what it was: serpent! It put roots through the serpent's eyes. But Kota was old and strong like the root, and had grown fangs while it was away. It bit Atak. They coiled around each other. From their struggle, new things came to be. Atak learned things Kota had learned, including hunger, and so it bit Kota back. They ate and roiled for so long they became one and forgot their conflict.
They shed their skin and severed their roots and called themselves [[Lore:Akatosh|Atakota]], who said "{{Lore Link|Aurbis|Maybe}}."
When Atakota said this, the skin it had shed knew itself. It ate the severed roots and even though it was dead, it followed Atakota like a shadow.
Atakota continued to roil, and each of its scales was a world that it devoured. But now Atakota was not in conflict, and things had time to begin and end. [[Lore:Lorkhan|The shadow]] wished it could eat these things, but its belly was full of roots that were growing.
When the shadow could bear it no longer, it swam closer to Atakota and spat out the roots. Now that its belly was empty, the shadow almost ate them again and everything else it saw. But it had come to see the roots as its own after carrying them, so instead it told them secrets and went to sleep.

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