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No issue with conflating the two based on the source given but changed around to not write home about sithis as if it’s a more important alternative title than the others
{{Lore Gods Trail}}
'''Padomay''', also called the '''Darkness''', '''Padhome''',{{ref|name=36Lessons3|{{Cite Book|36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 3}}}} '''Akel''' to the [[Lore:Redguard|Redguards]],{{ref|name=TM|{{Cite Book|The Monomyth}}}} [[Lore:Sithis|Sithis]],{{ref|name=TM}} or '''Fadomai''' to the [[Lore:Khajiit|Khajiit]],{{ref|name=WOCMA|{{Cite Book|Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi}}}} is the quintessential form of change, and is considered the same entity as [[Lore:Sithis|Sithis]].{{ref|name=TM}} One of the two primal forces, the other being [[Lore:Anu|Anu]], Padomay is the personification of the primordial force of chaos and change who dwells in the [[Lore:Void|Void]]. Creation myths paint Padomay as Anu's brother, and the interplay between them created Nir, a personification of the {{Lore Link|Aurbis}}. Padomay was embittered by the love between Anu and Nir, and sought to destroy their love child, Creation. He killed Nir and sundered Creation, but Anu salvaged the remnants, then saved them from further harm by pulling his brother and himself outside of Time forever.{{ref|name=TAA|{{Cite Book|The Annotated Anuad}}}}
Gods with a "Padomaic" basis include most [[Lore:Daedric Princes|Daedric princes]], who, as the Blood of Padomay, represent the forces of change,{{ref|name=TAA}} as does his "son" [[Lore:Lorkhan|Lorkhan]].{{ref|name=TM}} His blood and Anu's mingled to create the {{Lore Link|Aedra}}, giving them the capacity for both good and evil.{{ref|name=TAA}} While Padomay and Padomaic gods are usually considered "evil", such labels are often thought to be inapplicable, and that the only true description is that Anu and Padomay are opposite, antithetical to each other, evenly matched, and inextricably linked.{{ref|name=TLATD|{{Cite Book|The Light and the Dark}}}}<noinclude>

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