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Lore:Lefthanded Elves

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<noinclude>{{Trail|Races}} [[Category:Lore-All Terms]]</noinclude>
The [[Lore:Lefthanded Elves|Lefthanded Elves]] (or '''Left-Handed Elves'''), also known as '''Sinistral Mer''',{{ref|name=TLSB|[[Online:Antiquity_Furnishings#Morwha.27s_Blessing|Morwha's Blessing Antiquities Codex]] from [[ON:Online|ESO]]}}{{ref|name=UAAYQ|{{Cite Book|The Unveiled Azadiyeh Answers Your Questions}}}} were a race of elves from [[Lore:Yokuda|Yokuda]]. They were the enemies of the [[Lore:Yokudan|Yokudans]] (ancient [[Lore:Redguard|Redguards]]) and fought with them for a thousand years. During the [[Lore:Mythic Era|Mythic Era]], the [[Lore:Na-Totambu|Na-Totambu]] (Yokudan royalty) fought to a standstill among themselves to decide who would lead the charge against the Lefthanded Elves. [[Lore:Leki|Leki]] intervened and a victor emerged, and war was subsequently declared on the Elves. [[Lore:Diagna|Diagna]], an avatar of the [[Lore:HoonDing|HoonDing]], brought {{Lore Link|Orichalcum|orichalc}} weapons to the Yokudans, which were instrumental in defeating the Elves.{{Ref|{{Cite Book|Varieties of Faith...}}}} The {{Lore Link|Ra Gada}}'s extermination of elven colonies along the coast of {{Lore Link|Hammerfell}} is due to their hatred of the Lefthanded Elves.{{Ref|name=ONLoad|[[Online:Loading Screens|Loading Screens]] in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} The Redguards no longer speak of the Lefthanded Elves, as recalling the elves' abominations serves only to darken their days.{{ref|name=UAAYQ}} They used a type of stone known as gypsum alabaster in many of their structures.{{ref|name=TLSB}} In {{Lore Link|Vivec}}’s legendary sermons, he claims when him and {{Lore Link|Nerevar}} went to Yokuda Vivec wed with one of the native kings leading to the birth of new “monsters” who would ultimately destroy the land. This alleges that Vivec had a hand in the creation of the race.{{ref|name=LOV|{{Cite Book|The 36 Lessons of Vivec}}}}
The Lefthanded Elves' defeat by the Yokudans and the subsequent sinking of Yokuda imply that the race is extinct, although it has been speculated that there may be a link between them and the southern {{Lore Link|Maormer}}.{{ref|name=UAAYQ}}{{FMI}}<noinclude>

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