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*[[Lore:Varieties of Faith...|''Varieties of Faith in the Empire'']] states that the {{Lore Link|HoonDing}} materialized during the Tiber Wars, when it was said to have incarnated as "either a sword or a crown, or both".{{ref|{{Cite Book|Varieties of Faith...}}}} The sword is presumably a reference to the Soul Sword, while the crown likely refers to Cyrus himself, who comes from a family of Crowns. It can, therefore, be surmised that Cyrus became the Make Way God when he wielded the Soul Sword during the rebellion on Stros M'Kai. This would match the description of the HoonDing, said to be a Yokudan spirit of "perseverance over infidels", as the actions of Cyrus and the Soul Sword led directly to the signing of the {{Lore Link|First Treaty of Stros M'Kai}}, allowing the Redguards to continue to rule themselves as a province of the Empire. Furthermore developer comment has stated that Cyrus was more than just a Redguard which is one of the reasons why he was able to slay the legendary dragon Nafaalilargus.{{ref|name=EMODIT|group=UOL|[ ''Even more on dragons in Tamriel'' - GT Noonan's Posts]}}
*Cyrus' reputation continued to live on in the form of an old sea shanty.{{ref|name=OB}}
*Cyrus' height was known to be approximately 1.85 meters and his weight was 80 kilograms.{{ref|[[Redguard:Wanted Poster|Wanted Poster]] in ''Redguard''}}

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