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===King Orgnum's Coffer===
[[Lore:King Orgnum's Coffer|King Orgnum's Coffer]] is a small-sized chest, ordinary in appearance. It is remarkably light, almost weightless, which offers a clue to its true magic. Once a day, the Coffer will create gold from naught. When King Orgnum himself possessed the Coffer, the supply within was limitless. He was said to have lost the coffer in a marine battle against the empire, led by emperor Antiochus Septim.{{ref|[ King Orghum’s coffer] The Imperial Library}} Those who have found it since report that the Coffer eventually disappears after having dispersed enough gold to shame even the wealthiest of merchants. Where and why it vanishes is still a mystery. It was last seen in the hands of the [[Lore:Eternal Champion|Eternal Champion]].
File:ON-item-furnishing-Maormeri Serpent Shrine.jpg|Possible depiction of Orgnum

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