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:''The Boiche Elves were of the Earth Bones who most hearkened to Jephre and his greensongs. They did not build a Tower, they grew it, a great graht-oak whose roots sprang from a Perchance Acorn. And this was their Stone. And because the Acorn might perchance have been elsewhere, thus was Green-Sap manifold and several. And each could walk.'' — [[Lore:Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree|Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree]]
[[File:ON-place-Heart of Valenwood.jpg|thumb|right|The Heart of Valenwood]]
The earliest days of the Bosmer are lost in legend. Some speak of the [[Lore:Ooze|Ooze]], the shape-shifting formlessness from which they came before the Green Pact with Y'ffre.{{ref|name=TOAF|{{Cite Book|The Ooze: A Fable}}}} More obscure legends also suggest that not all Bosmer agreed to the Green Pact., Someand others wished to staykeep astheir shape-shifting abilities. According to legend, Y'ffre turned the Ooze into a kind of purgatory state for these individuals, where they would be stricken from Y'ffre's story upon death and unable to keepinteract theirwith shape-shiftingany abilitiesworld or afterlife. HoweverEventually, these dissenters were apparently overcome by the other Bosmer, andfaithful asto punishment,Y'ffre. theseThese "Oathbreakers" were then buried in [[Lore:Ouze|Ouze]] so that they could be imprisoned and protected until the time of renewal.{{ref|name=OOO|{{Cite Book|Oathbreakers of Ouze}}}} There's some suggestion that early Bosmer were known for intermarrying with humans.{{ref|name=TM|{{Cite Book|The Monomyth}}}}
Another legend is that the Bosmer grew the [[Lore:The_Towers#Green-Sap|Tower of Green-Sap]], a great [[Lore:Graht-oak|Graht-oak]] which, in those ancient times, appeared in many different forms. Each one told its own stories of the Green, the forest home of the "Boiche-become-Bosmer".{{ref|name=AU4TET|{{Cite Book|Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree}}}} However, due to the machinations of the Ayleid sorcerer [[Lore:Anumaril|Anumaril]] around the time of the [[Lore:Alessian Slave Rebellion|Alessian Slave Rebellion]] circa {{Year|1E 243}}, the "Doors Equivocal" which were created by the nature of Green-Sap were closed, and Green-Sap was reduced to a single, definite form: the {{Future Link|Elden Tree}} of [[Lore:Elden Root|Elden Root]].{{ref|name=AU4TET}}

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