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Skyrim:Unique Items

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{{Trail|Items}}[[Category:Skyrim-Clothing| ]] [[Category:Skyrim-Armor| ]] [[Category:Skyrim-Jewelry| ]] [[Category:Skyrim-Weapons| ]]{{TOCright}}
'''Unique Items''' are items available in Skyrim generally found in fixed locations, unlike most equipment in the game, which isare randomly generated, or generic equipment (see [[Skyrim:Generic Magic Apparel|Generic Magic Apparel]] and [[Skyrim:Generic Magic Weapons|Generic Magic Weapons]]). The various types of items within the scope of this field are further divided into separate groupings for [[Skyrim:Unique Weapons|unique weapons]], [[Skyrim:Unique Armor|unique armor]], [[Skyrim:Unique Clothing|unique clothing]], [[Skyrim:Unique Jewelry|unique jewelry]], and a final group for all [[Skyrim:Other Unique Items|other unique items]]. Some of these items can be improved through [[Skyrim:smithing|smithing]]. Improving enchanted items requires the [[Skyrim:Arcane Blacksmith|Arcane Blacksmith]] perk.
Many of these items are quest rewards, although some of the most valuable quest rewards are listed at [[Skyrim:Leveled Items|Leveled Items]] (unique items, but with level-dependent statistics) and [[Skyrim:Artifacts|Artifacts]] (unusually powerful unique items with unique appearances and enchantments). For unique items that are needed to complete quests, please see the [[Skyrim:Quest Items|Quest Items]] article. For other unique items in the game, see the [[Skyrim:Other Unique Items|Other Unique Items]] article. Unique items that are quest-related are listed at [[Skyrim:Quest Items|Quest Items]]. For lists of other available items, see:

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