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Lore:Ahzirr Traajijazeri

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We are struggling against impossible odds, against the very Empire of Tamriel. Honor is madness. Yes, we loved the Renrijra Krin who died in brave battle against the forces of the Empire, but I guarantee you that each of those Ri'sallidad had an escape route he or she failed to use, and died saying, "Damn."
When the great [[Lore:Senche-Tigerraht|Senche-Raht]] comes to the {{Lore Link|Saimisil Steppes}}, he will find himself unable to hunt, unable to sleep, as the tiny {{Lore Link|Alfiq}} leap onto his back, biting him, and running off before he has a chance to turn his great body to face them. Eventually, though he may stubbornly hope to catch the Alfiq, the Senche-Raht always leaves. They are our cousins, the Alfiq, and we have adopted their strategy against the great tiger of Leyawiin.
Do not ally yourself with the Renrij if you yearn to be part of a mighty army, marching resolutely forth, for whom retreat is anathema. We will laugh at your suicidal idiocy as we slip into the reeds of the river, and watch the inevitable slaughter.
We Renrijra Krin live and fight together, and know that Leyawiin and the Empire will not give way very soon, likely not in our lifetimes. In the time we have, we do not want our closest comrades to be dour, dull, colorless, sober, and virginal. If we did, we would have joined the Emperor's {{Lore Link|Blades}}.
Do not begrudge us our lewd jokes, our bawdy, drunken nights, our [[{{Lore: Link|Moon Sugar|moonsugar]]}}. They are the pleasures that Leyawiin denies us, and so we take our good humor very seriously.
====4. "Fusozay Var Dar": "Kill Without Qualm"====

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