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Lore:Eulogy for Emperor Varen

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When {{Lore Link|Leovic}} sat upon the {{Lore Link|Ruby Throne}}, you urged your fellow Colovians to be loyal to their Emperor, despite his eccentricities. It was only when Leovic, misled by wicked councilors, declared worship of the {{Lore Link|Daedric Princes}} legal and protected in the Empire, that you cried, "Enough!" and took up your righteous sword.
And the Colovians rose behind you! After an initial defeat at the hands of the Emperor's troops at {{Lore Link|Fort Ash}}, you took command of the Legion of {{Lore Link|Chorrol}} and sent Leovic reeling back into the {{Lore Link|Heartlands|Heartland}}. Word spread that {{Lore Link|Cyrodiil}} had a savior, and that {{Lore Link|Reman}}'s true heir had come at last. The {{Lore Link|Colovian Estates}} rose as one under your dragonDragon banner, and eastward you marched.
The war that followed was bitter and terrible, replete with stunning victories, desperate gambits, and reversals on both sides. The might of the {{Lore Link|Imperial Legion}}s, bolstered by {{Lore Link|Reachman}} auxiliaries and {{Lore Link|Daedra|Daedric}} magic, were almost impossible to overcome. But you, Varen, had the might of right on your side! Finally you fought your way to the {{Lore Link|Imperial Palace}} and cut down Leovic in the Imperial Throne Room.

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