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Lore:Imperial Legion

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There are a few artifacts that are commonly associated with the Legion such as the [[Lore:Lord's Mail|Lord's Mail]] which is considered sacred to the Legion{{ref|name=LM|[[Morrowind:Lord's Mail (quest)|Lord's Mail]] quest in Morrowind}}{{ref|{{Cite Book|Letter to General Tullius}}}}, the [[Lore:Boots of the Apostle|Boots of the Apostle]] which belonged to Tiber Septim{{ref|[[Tribunal:Torasa Aram|Torasa Aram]]'s dialogue in Tribunal}}, the [[Lore:Ward of Akavir|Ward of Akavir]]{{ref|[[Morrowind:Siege at Firemoth (quest)|Siege at Firemoth]] quest in Morrowind}}, the Dragon's Oath, Akatosh's Talon,{{ref|[[Skyrim:Civil War Champions|Civil War Champions]] creation in Skyrim}} and [[Lore:Chrysamere|Chrysamere]].{{ref|name=LM}}

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