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Skyrim:Unique Items

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* [[:Category:Skyrim-Weapons|Skyrim-Weapons]]: Category listing of all the weapons available in the game.
For unique items added by the [[DragonbornSkyrim:Dragonborn|Dragonborn]] add-on, see [[Skyrim:Unique Items#Dragonborn|this]] article.
===[[Skyrim:Unique Weapons|Unique Weapons]]===
This page lists various '''unique items''' available in the [[DragonbornSkyrim:Dragonborn|Dragonborn]] [[Skyrim:Add-ons|add-on]]. A unique item is an item that fits the following description:
* Typically can be acquired only once or a few times in a playthrough
* Generally found only in fixed locations or as a reward from a specific quest, unlike most equipment in the game which is generic and randomly generated

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