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Skyrim:The Jagged Crown (Stormcloaks)

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Inside the Ruins
Once inside, the men will all crouch behind a pillar that has fallen down. Galmar will tell you to attack on his signal, at which point you will charge in and eliminate all the Imperials you see. Galmar and the Stormcloaks will start moving as soon as the fight is over, leaving two soldiers behind to guard the entrance.
The next room is rather large and empty. In it, Galmar will stop at the entrance to a tunnel and mention that this would be a prime spot for an ambush. He will then tell you to find another way through the tunnel, promising to aid you once he hears fighting. This is one of the few times you need not worry about staying with the rest of the Stormcloaks, allowing you time to loot the ruins. Head up to the second floor and search for stairs. Head up the stairs and follow the path; try to stay out of sight for as long as you can. When you are detected and attacked, Galmar and the other Stormcloaks will rush in to help you. On the eastern end of this room there are more stairs, at the top of which is a skeleton, aan empty chest and the [[Skyrim:Light_Armor|Light Armor]] skill book ''[[Skyrim:Jornibret's_Last_Dance|Jornibret's Last Dance]]''.
Once the Imperials are dead, Galmar will move to the exit of that room and wait for you to catch up. By the edge of the wall by the cliff there is a lever; pull it and get ready for a battle. When you enter the next room, a few Imperials will attack you. Once they are dead, the men will gather around a dead draugr while Galmar explains what it is. Follow the next tunnel to the door that leads to Korvanjund Halls.

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