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Lore:Isild River

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|appears=[[Bloodmoon:Isild River|Bloodmoon]], [[Dragonborn:Isild River|Dragonborn]]
{{Nst|The {{[[Lore:Isild LinkRiver|Isild River}}]] is a river in northern {{[[Lore Link:Solstheim|Solstheim}}]] on the {{[[Lore:Felsaad LinkCoast|Felsaad Coast}}]].{{ref|name=Bloodmoon|Geography of [[Bloodmoon:Bloodmoon|Bloodmoon]]}}{{ref|name=Dragonborn|Geography of [[Dragonborn:Dragonborn|Dragonborn]]}}
Before the {{[[Lore:Red LinkYear|Red Year}}]] of {{Year|4E 5}},{{ref|name=HORR|{{Cite Book|History of Raven Rock}}}} the Isild River ran northwest from the frozen {{[[Lore:Lake LinkFjalding|Lake Fjalding}}]] until it merged with the {{[[Lore:Harstrad LinkRiver|Harstrad River}}]] at the foot of the {{[[Lore:Moesring LinkMountains|Moesring Mountains}}]]. The river then continued to its mouth on the icy Felsaad Coast, west of {{[[Lore:Skaal LinkVillage|Skaal Village}}]].{{ref|name=Bloodmoon}} It was reportedly a beautiful part of the island, at the right time of year.{{ref|name=ENTB|{{Cite Book|Erna's Note to Brandr|ns_base=Bloodmoon}}}}
The cataclysms of the Red Year substantially changed the landscape of Solstheim.{{ref|name=HORR}} Many of the landmarks remained the same; the river is still west of Skaal Village and flows from Lake Fjalding to the coast. However, the Isild and Harstrad rivers no longer meet. Instead, each empties separately into a small bay on the northern coast.{{ref|name=Dragonborn}}<noinclude>

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