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Online:Thjordic Four-Thumbed

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'''Thjordic Four-Thumbed''' is a [[ON:Nord|Nord]] mage who has cast an illusion spell to turn himself into a [[ON:Skeleton|skeleton]]. He can be found lounging in the [[ON:Mournhold Outlaws Refuge|Mournhold Outlaws Refuge]].
When spoken to, he will say one of the following:
:''"Illusions, even botched illusions, have their benefits. For example, I can tell what you're wondering, and the answer is—yes! I am completely naked. <br>It's quite liberating! Frees up the mind to think of more important things. Every mage should {{sic|try|try it|description=missing word}}."'':''"Ah, don't worry. It's just an illusion gone wrong. I'm not really a talking skeleton. <br>No, that would be preposterous. How would that even work? I mean—no windpipes."'':''"I was at [[ONOnline:Shad Astula|Shad Astula]] trying to master a particularly devious illusion spell when I swear I saw a two-headed rabbit run past. In my distraction I misspoke one of the critical words of the spell and, well, you know the rest. <br>I was promptly expelled."''{{NewLeft}} 
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