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Lore:Augustine Viliane Answers Your Questions

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'''I have a question of a rather {{sic|unnatural,perhaps|unnatural, perhaps}} to some even disgusting, nature. No, I'm not trying to court a {{Lore Link|Daedra}}. A certain young {{Lore Link|Bosmer}} girl caught my eye a couple of weeks ago, mainly because she managed to drink half of the Nords in the Horker's Tusk tavern under the table without passing out. I was instantly smitten, but she kept ignoring my advances. Then one day, as I left the inn I saw her take someone along in an alley. She had a strange air about her, so I followed them. Moments later I saw her, bent over a hapless victim, piercing red eyes and skin white as moonlight. {{Lore Link|Ysmir}}'s beard! I'd been trying to flirt with a {{Lore Link|vampire}}! And yet, even though I know what she is, it doesn't change my feelings for her. Would Dibella shun me for my abnormal affection, or does she believe in love for all, regardless of form? How should does someone court a vampire without getting killed?" – Jonnlur the Willful, Nord'''
Sibyl Augustine Viliane says, ''"Alas, Jonnlur, such a path is perilous, and if you choose to follow it, you are more likely to need the advice of a Priest of {{Lore Link|Arkay}} than of a Sibyl of Dibella. For Undeath is corruption, and one who willingly remains a vampire and feeds on others is impure of spirit. I have spoken to [[Online:Priest Colby Rangouze|Father Rangouze]], the leading Priest of Arkay here in Wayrest, and he says that the pull you feel toward this Wood Elf is not love, nor even joyous lust, but a darker urge that you must try to put behind you. Be not willful, but rather strong, and turn away, for you are in danger, both body and {{Lore Link|Souls|soul}}."''

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