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Online:Blazing Auroran

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{{Pre-Release}}{{Mod Header|Wrathstone}}{{Online NPC Summary
|image=ON-npc-Blazing Auroran.jpg
|imgdesc=A Blazing Auroran guarding the Dark Orb
|loc=Halls of Garlas Malatar, [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]|health={{ESO Veteran|normal=103144103,144|veteran=401,911}}<br >{{huh}}ESO Veteran|normal=|veteran=501,537}}(Empowered)
A '''Blazing AuroranAurorans''' is a are red [[ON:Auroran|Auroran]] s fought during the battle with the [[ON:Dark Orb|Dark Orb]] in the [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]. As with the other Aurorans, it cannot be killed will continuously spawn until the Dark Orb is destroyed as it and will regenerate its health too quicklyto be killed a majority of the battle. It is the final Auroran to appear, Upon being empowered by their [[ON:Blazing Orb|corresponding chromatic orb]] during the battlecombat they will gain more health, though and destroying the related orb will make it weakerprevents it from regenerating health, making it vulnerable to attack.
{{Online NPC Summary
|health={{ESO Veteran|normal=4813448,134|veteran=281,338}}<br>{{huh}}ESO Veteran|veteran=351,672}}(Hardmode)
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|The Guiding Light}}
*{{Quest Link|Pledge: Depths of Malatar}}
==Skills and Abilities==

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