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Online:Arcane University

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|loadtext=When the new Mages Guild needed a headquarters, they took over an older Ayleid district adjacent to Imperial City and rebuilt its interior as the Arcane University. Though the Worm Cult had taken it over, it was still badly damaged by Molag Bal's attack during the Planemeld.
|image=ON-place-Arcane University 1.jpg
|imgdesc=The Arcane University with the [[ON:White-Gold Tower|White-Gold Tower]] behind.
|lorepage=Arcane University
ON-map-Arcane University.jpg|Map of the Battlegrounds map showing the spawn locations
ON-place-Arcane University 202.jpg|Storm Lords spawn through a destroyed section of the outer walls
ON-place-Arcane University 303.jpg|Fire Drakes spawn at some of the university facilities
ON-place-Arcane University 404.jpg|Pit Daemons spawn in a ruined building
ON-place-Arcane University 505.jpg|One of the entrances to the main building which is the focal point of most game modes
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