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Mage vs. Chicken and Unkillable Salmon: new section
I'm a bit higher level (45) at this point and on the Xbox One. I have both detect dead and detect life spells, and the detect dead did NOT pick up the vampires in their cages. But detect life DID pick them up. I do have the Unofficial Patch running (thank the Divines for at least some mods on the Xbox One now), but nothing that should affect the game file on whether these critters are alive or dead. Anyone seen that yet? [[User:Agmen|Agmen]] ([[User talk:Agmen|talk]]) 20:06, 18 March 2018 (UTC)
== Mage vs. Chicken and Unkillable Salmon ==
Is it worth noting that the mages in the exterior area will attack and kill the chicken there?
Also, I could not kill the salmon in the flooded room. I tried several shouts and melee weapons. I could catch them, but not kill them.[[Special:Contributions/|]] 02:59, 24 January 2019 (UTC)
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