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Online:Arcane University

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|imgdesc=The Arcane University with the [[ON:White-Gold Tower|White-Gold Tower]] behind.
|lorepage=Arcane University
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[[File:ON-place-Arcane University Exterior.jpg|thumb|Exterior of the Arcane University (left), seen in [[ON:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]]]]
Following the [[Lore:Soulburst|Soulburst]], the [[ON:Mages Guild|Mages Guild]] was stripped of its stewardship of the Arcane University and was instead awarded to [[ON:Mannimarco|Mannimarco]]'s [[Online:Worm Cult|Order of the Black Worm]] under the name of the "Fellowship of Anchorites". Shortly after the [[ON:Daedra|Daedra]] invaded, they ransacked and destroyed it. Today it lies in ruins, a mere shell of its former glory. The University is slightly larger than the three original Battlegrounds maps, and it brings dangerous urban-based close combat via crumbling buildings and other line-of-sight breakers in tandem with heavy vertical elements.

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