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'''PvP''', short for '''Player vs Player,''' denotes combat with other players as opposed to [[ON:PvE|PvE]], which forms the bulk of content in [[ON:ESO|ESO]]. PvP is entirely optional and you are not obliged to participate in it. However participating in the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds awards you [[ON:Alliance_Points|Alliance Points]], which advances your Alliance Rank. AP is also used to purchase gear, [[ON:Siege_Weapons|siege weapons]], and other useful items.
Notably, Cyrodiil and the Imperial City also have substantial amounts of PvE content. There are repeatable PvE quests, [[ON:Dolmens|dolmens]], and [[ON:Delves|delves]] throughout [[ON:Cyrodiil#Delves|Cyrodiil]], and the Imperial City has its own set of story missions. Bar a few safe zones in the Imperial City, you can be attacked and killed by any player without warning however.

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