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* Except for the [[Redguard:A Legendary Flask#Gremlin Scene|gremlin scene]], Jaganvir never comes out of his room after you return from the League hideout. ==Scenes==;[[Redguard:A Legendary Flask#Gremlin Scene|Gremlin Scene]]
:'''"I was wondering..."'''
:''"Don't make me throw you out! Now leave me!"''
===Gremlin Scene===
(After Jaganvir appears; for the dialogue leading up to this see [[Redguard:Falicia|Falicia]]: "[[Redguard:Falicia#Soulgem|Soulgem]]")
{{Redguard Log Entry|Archmage Jaganvir surprises Falicia telling about Iszara, Joto, and the soulgem. Jaganvir casts an enchantment turning me into a gremlin to keep me from revealing this information to anyone.}}
:'''Jaganvir''': ''"Silence!"''
:'''Falicia''': ''"Archmage Jaganvir! I was only--"''
:'''Jaganvir''': ''"Would you have the [[Lore:Third Empire|Empire]] put the whole of the guild in chains? Speaking of this is strictly forbidden!"''
:'''Cyrus''': ''"Back off, sparkly, I was just leaving. I have everything I wanted to know."''
:'''Jaganvir''': ''"You're not leaving until I'm sure you'll never speak a word of what you've learned. And I have a perfect... and most satisfying... means of ensuring your discretion."''
::''(Casts spell, turning Cyrus into a gremlin)''

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