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Oblivion:Cursed Mine

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== Notes ==
* This mine contains 5 [[Oblivion:Cairn Bolete Cap|Cairn Bolete]] plants and 58 [[Oblivion:Wisp Stalk Caps|Wisp Stalk]] plants.
* When the [[Oblivion:Horse Armor Pack|Horse Armor]] [[Oblivion:Official Plug-insDownloads|official plug-in]] is installed, a new chest is added next to the easternmost chest marker in the ''[[#Cursed Mine Lower Galleries|Cursed Mine Lower Galleries]]''. It contains the bugged object ''Horse Armor Plans''. See the plug-in's article for more information.
** {{UOMP}} The chest is disabled and the ''Horse Armor Plans'' will be removed from your inventory.
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