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Lore:Telenger the Artificer Answers Your Questions 2

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|source=*[[Lore:Elder Scrolls Online - Loremaster's Archive|ESO Loremaster's Archive]] ([ link])
;'''"I have two questions. Firstly, what is the {{Lore Link|Sload}}s' relationship like with the {{Lore Link|Maormer}}? They seem like the only {{Lore Link|Races|race}} that would deal with them frequently. Secondly, do they have any connection to the rise of the {{Lore Link|Worm Cult}} on the mainland? Many thanks for your wisdom, and may {{Lore Link|Mauloch}} guide your staff and light your way." - Urgazul gro-Brashnuk, {{Lore Link|Orsinium}} Historian and Keeper of the Forge-Secrets'''
Telenger the Artificer says, "Welcome, fellow scholar! As far as we in {{Lore Link|Summerset Isles|Summerset}} can tell—and we have more experience of the Sload than any other folk—the Sload are hostile to all other mortal races. Though there is some evidence of diplomatic traffic between the Sload and the Maormer—see '{{Lore Link|A Loathsome Civilization}}'—there are also plenty of accounts of conflict between the Slugmen and the Sea Elves. This is no surprise, since both Sea Elves and Sload are at war with all other mortal races. The Maormer's grievance seems to be that they got stuck with {{Lore Link|Pyandonea}}, a sad and swampy archipelago of malodorous islets; why the Sload are so belligerent to all others is unknown.
;'''"Most proficient Artificer, the grim fate of {{Lore Link|Bendu Olo}}'s lost expedition members has recently come to light in the depths of {{Lore Link|Coldharbour}}. Was this {{Lore Link|Coral Tower (Thras)}} encountered by the {{Lore Link|All-Flags Navy}} similar in nature to the other {{Lore Link|The Towers|Towers}} of {{Lore Link|Nirn}}, or was it simply a {{Lore Link|Daedra|Daedric}} perversion?" – Legoless, Doyen of the {{Lore Link|United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits}}'''
Telenger the Artificer says, "Since the Coral Tower has fallen, at this point the best we can do is make educated guesses. In their own perverse way, the Sload are very capable sorcerers, and from all accounts the Coral Tower acted as both a focus and a projector of mystical power. I am not a scholar of Tower Lore—my interests tend more toward the practical—but this accords (somewhat) with what the mythohistorians claim is the purpose and practice of the so-called Towers of Nirn. Was the Coral Tower a 'real' Tower like {{Lore Link|Crystal Tower|Lawful Crystal}}, here in {{Lore Link|Alinor (city)}}, or was it a failed imitation, like the {{Lore Link|Erokii|Doomspire}}? I do not think we have an answer based on what little we know."
;'''"Oh most high of Artificers, I ask that you impart any knowledge you have (which I don't doubt is extensive) regarding the Sloads' presence in {{Lore Link|Black Marsh}}. When was the first report of their appearance there? Could they still be lurking in the swamps to this day? Do the {{Lore Link|Argonian}}s have any particular relationship with the Sload?" – TheHumanFloyd'''
Telenger the Artificer says, "The Sload? In Black Marsh? You surprise me, TheHumanFloyd—dare I ask what are your sources for this interesting claim? If true, certain advisors to {{Lore Link|Ayrenn|the Queen}} on security matters must be notified immediately!"
;'''"In my travels, I've heard about the {{Lore Link|Pillar of Thras}}. It is true that the Sload perform sacrifices here? If so, what is their motive? Also, is it true that some of the victims disappear before they touch the ground? What happens to them? On another note, how is {{Lore Link|Sload Soap}} made? I've heard rumors of an entire factory in {{Lore Link|High Rock}} dedicated to its production by crushing Sload larvae!" – Bertille Montrose, {{Lore Link|Breton}} bookseller and amateur scholar'''
Telenger the Artificer says, "So many questions! You Bretons always seem so frenetic to us, trying to cram so much activity into your brief lives. I suppose it's understandable, however.
;'''"First {{sic|thing's|description=greengrocer's apostrophe}} first; I want my tome on the {{Lore Link|Vampire#Black_Marsh|Whet Fang}} back, Telenger. Second, several scholars suggest that the {{Lore Link|Thrassian Plague}} was supernatural in nature, the result of bargains with {{Lore Link|Daedric Princes}} like {{Lore Link|Namira}} the Prince of Rot and {{Lore Link|Peryite}} the Prince of Pestilence. Do you personally think there is any credence to these claims, old friend?" – Eis Vuur Warden, Wayward and Contract Scholar'''
Telenger the Artificer says, "Eis Vuur! Of course, I'll collect that book as soon as I get back to my laboratory and have it sent to you by {{Lore Link|Black Horse Courier}}. I'll just need to find another object the right size to, er, prop up my lillandrilic calcinator. (Ahem.)
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