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:Telenger the Artificer says, "Eis Vuur! Of course, I'll collect that book as soon as I get back to my laboratory and have it sent to you by {{Lore Link|Black Horse Courier}}. I'll just need to find another object the right size to, er, prop up my lillandrilic calcinator. (Ahem.)
:"The Thrassian Plague, scourge of the {{Lore Link|First Era}}, was known to the common people as the Slug Famine because the wriggling gastropods that carried the flesh-eating {{Lore Link|Diseases|disease}} infected not just people, but livestock and wild animals as well. It's easy to see why one might associate the Plague with Namira or Peryite, as the Spirit Daedra's sphere includes slime and slugs, while the Taskmaster's includes disease and contamination. It's well known that the Sload traffic with the Princes, so the involvement of Namira or Peryite is quite credible. However, there is also the Pestilent Progeny Thesis of that reprobate {{Lore Link|Divayth Fyr}}, which postulates that the infectious slugs that invaded {{Lore Link|Tamriel}} were mutated versions of the Sloads' own infantile larvae. However, since the Plague was wiped out by {{Lore Link|Syrabane}}, we have no extant samples to test to determine which of these hypotheses is correct. Indeed, these theories are by no means mutually exclusive, and it could be that the truth lies somewhere in between. Only the Sload know for sure. Perhaps, Eis Vuur, in your wayward and peripatetic travels, you could stop off at Thras and ask them!"{{Book End}}
{{Book End}}
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