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Lore:The Brothers of Strife

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<noinclude>{{Lore Book Summary|ON=yes|sortkey=Brothers of Strife, The1
|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Nili Omavel|Nili Omavel]]
|description=On the ancient conflict between Nedes and Dunmer
My fellow scholars would have you believe the {{Lore Link|Dunmer|Elves of the Ashlands}} are unstoppable. They point to {{Lore Link|Battle of Red Mountain|Red Mountain}} and other triumphant, if hard-fought, battles against the {{Lore Link|Dwemer}} as proof. But once long ago, our people were as fair as a mountainside in {{Lore Link|Skyrim}}. In that distant time, we were driven to the edge of defeat.
We can only speculate what brought the Brothers to {{Lore Link|Nirn}}. Perhaps a {{Lore Link|Daedric Prince}} summoned them to that ruin. Maybe it was {{Lore Link|Sheogorath}} having a laugh or a grim survival test from {{Lore Link|Boethiah}}.
When the two beasts were finally bound into the twin spires of Stonefalls, they went to their rest with the blood of history staining their claws. We must hope and pray to the {{Lore Link|Tribunal|Three}} that their like will never be seen in the {{Lore Link|Ashlands}} again.{{Book End}}
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