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Lore:Augustine Viliane Answers Your Questions

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{{BookLore SummaryBook
|author=Sybil {{Lore Link|Augustine Viliane}}
|description=A Sibyl of Dibella answers questions on lore
|source=*[[Lore:Elder Scrolls Online - Loremaster's Archive|ESO Loremaster's Archive]] ([ link])
:;Lady Aereda, Author of "Lamentations of {{Lore Link|Phynaster}}<nowiki>:</nowiki> A Study in the Grief Symbolism of {{Lore Link|Hawk}}s"
:Sibyl Augustine Viliane says, ''“My Lady Aereda, you are an academic, and I fear you have fallen into the scholar's trap of thinking too hard about a matter where thinking is of little value. 'Careful piety' may have its uses (though I admit, none come to mind at the moment), but it is standing between you and finding your heart's desire. Seek beauty that gives you joy, and don't concern yourself with its theological origins."''{{Book End}}
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