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To-hit chance
'''Armor Rating'''
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: Self-explanatory
**Note: defender's AC.
**Note: This is not as self-explanatory as the authors may have assumed, since this can either refer to the PC's or the enemy's armor rating. Since lower values (negative AC), as is the case for higher level monsters, will result in a decrease of the to-hit chance, it seems more likely for this variable to refer to the enemy's armor rating.
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: PC's agility
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: PC's Adrenaline Rush
**Note: +5 to attack/defence when attacker/defender's HP < 1/8.
**Note: The DF Chronicles does not give any value for this variable, therefore it is probably just either 0 ( no Adrenaline Rush) or 1 ( Adrenaline Rush).
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: Monster's Adrenaline Rush
**Note: see previous note
***Special Note: In case the Adrenaline Rush is just a "yes" or "no" feature at all, then this ability does not provide that much advantage at all, since it can only increase or decrease the to-hit rate by 1 %.
*Comment from the DF Chronicles: No comment at all

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