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Lore:Telenger the Artificer Answers Your Questions 2

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:;"Most proficient Artificer, the grim fate of {{Lore Link|Bendu Olo}}'s lost expedition members has recently come to light in the depths of {{Lore Link|Coldharbour}}. Was this {{Lore Link|Coral Tower (Thras)|Coral Tower}} encountered by the {{Lore Link|All-Flags Navy}} similar in nature to the other {{Lore Link|The Towers|Towers}} of {{Lore Link|Nirn}}, or was it simply a {{Lore Link|Daedra|Daedric}} perversion?" – Legoless, Doyen of the {{Lore Link|United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits}}
:Telenger the Artificer says, "Since the Coral Tower has fallen, at this point the best we can do is make educated guesses. In their own perverse way, the Sload are very capable sorcerers, and from all accounts the Coral Tower acted as both a focus and a projector of mystical power. I am not a scholar of Tower Lore—my interests tend more toward the practical—but this accords (somewhat) with what the mythohistorians claim is the purpose and practice of the so-called Towers of Nirn. Was the Coral Tower a 'real' Tower like {{Lore Link|Crystal Tower|Lawful Crystal}}, here in {{Lore Link|Alinor (city)|Alinor}}, or was it a failed imitation, like the {{Lore Link|Erokii|Doomspire}}? I do not think we have an answer based on what little we know."
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