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Online:The Ritual (champion)

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! colspan=2 | Champion Abilities !! Effect
|[[File:ON-champion-Star 01.png|40px]]||'''[[ON:Mighty|Mighty]]'''||Increases your [[ON:Physical Damage|Physical]], [[ON:Poison Damage|Poison]], and [[ON:Disease Damage|Disease]] Damage by [x0-15]%.
|[[File:ON-champion-Star 01.png|40px]]||'''[[ON:Piercing|Piercing]]'''||Increases Physical Penetration by [x0-5280].
|[[File:ON-champion-Star 01.png|40px]]||'''[[ON:Precise Strikes|Precise Strikes]]'''||Increases damage and [[ON:healing|healing]] dealt by [[ON:Weapon Critical|Weapon Critical]]s by [x0-25]%.
|[[File:ON-champion-Star 01.png|40px]]||'''[[ON:Thaumaturge|Thaumaturge]]'''||Increases effectiveness of your damage over time effects by [x0-25]%.
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