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There isn't a need for a guide to pvp, all the pages linked have detailed descriptions about all aspects of pvp.
Current PvP includes:
*The [[ON:Alliance War|Alliance War]] in [[ON:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]], where players of the [[ON:Aldmeri Dominion|Aldmeri Dominion]], [[ON:Daggerfall Covenant|Daggerfall Covenant]], and [[ON:Ebonheart Pact|Ebonheart Pact]] fight to win [[ON:Campaigns|campaigns]] by capturing [[ON:Keeps|keeps]], [[ON:Towns|towns]], and [[ON:Elder Scrolls|Elder Scrolls]]. The Alliance with the highest score by the end wins.
*The [[ON:DLC#Imperial City|Imperial City]] add-on combines PvE with PvP as Alliances seek to control the [[ON:Imperial City|Imperial City]]. This has no effect on the Alliance War in Cyrodiil
*[[ON:Battlegrounds|Battlegrounds]], added with the Morrowind chapter, where three teams of four players battle it out in arenas with a variety of game modes and objectives.
*[[ON:Dueling|Dueling]], a system where players can challenge each other to impromptu duels in any PvE location.
Notably, Cyrodiil and the Imperial City also have substantial amounts of PvE content. There are repeatable PvE quests, [[ON:Dolmens|dolmens]], and [[ON:Delves|delves]] throughout [[ON:Cyrodiil#Delves|Cyrodiil]], and the Imperial City has its own set of story missions. Bar a few safe zones in the Imperial City, you can be attacked and killed by any player without warning however.
==Guide to PvP==
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