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Lore:Fourth Era

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*The Dominion severs all contact with the Empire and is silent for the next 70 years. Most Imperial scholars believe that there was some sort of internal strife in Alinor during this period.{{Ref|name=RT4}}}}{{History Entry
|4E 38|Death of Vundheim, a great warrior and resident of [[Lore:Windhelm|Windhelm]].
* His son, Deroct, lit a candle above the hearth in his house in his honor. As of {{Year|4E 201}}, the candle was still burning for reasons unknown, and the house had become an inn, [[Skyrim:Candlehearth Hall|Candlehearth Hall]].{{Ref|Dialogue with [[Skyrim:Elda Early-Dawn|Elda Early-Dawn]] in [[Skyrim:Skyrim|''Skyrim'']]}}|minor=yes}}{{History Entry
|4E 40|[[Books:The Infernal City/Umbriel|Umbriel]], a floating city, appears on the coast of [[Lore:Black_Marsh|Black Marsh]], heading toward [[Lore:Morrowind|Morrowind]].{{Ref|name=TIC}}}}
{{History Entry

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