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{{TrailBasic NPC Summary|NPCs}}__NOTOC__loc=Mage's Guild[[Category:|race=Redguard-NPCs]][[Category:Redguard-Redguard]][[Category:Redguard-Redguard-|gender=Male]][[Category:Redguard-Male NPCs]][[Image:|image=RG-npc-Jaganvir.gif|rightjpg|imgdesc=Jaganvir]]* The taciturn }}__NOTOC__'''Jaganvir''' is the Archmage of the Mage's Guild on [[Redguard:Stros M'Kai|Stros M'Kai]].* Succeeded He succeeded the previous Archmage, [[Redguard:Voa|Voa]], when he after the [[Lore:Battle of Hunding Bay|Battle of Hunding Bay]], during which Voa was slain in the last battle between the Crowns and the Imperials.* Currently Jaganvir is currently studying for the [[Lore:Battlespire|Battlespire]], an elite college of mages where the shadow legion trains, located between the planes of [[Lore:Oblivion|Oblivion ]] and [[Lore:Nirn|Nirn]].* Confronted at one point by Cyrus turns him into a gremlinBefore you go to the League hideout, he appears outside his study room about two-thirds of the time.
The new Archmage has submitted to [[Redguard:Amiel Richton|Governor Richton]]'s rule, and forbids talking about or helping the Crowns for fear of the Empire shutting the guild down. This policy and his irritable behavior have earned him a bad reputation among current and former guild members. [[Redguard:Avik|Avik]] in particular calls him "a spineless toad of a man".
After learning about Iszara and the soul gem, you can ask the guild's Apprentice, [[Redguard:Falicia|Falicia]] about them. A lengthy conversation ensues, but Jaganvir walks out of his study enraged. He must be sure you will never speak of what you've learned, so he casts a spell and [[Redguard:Cyrus|Cyrus]] turns into a gremlin.
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Flask of Lillandril (quest)}}
* Except for the [[#Gremlin Scene|gremlin scene]], Jaganvir never comes out of his room after you return from the League hideout.
===Idle===Weapon drawn::''"Don't poke that toy at me, fool."''  ===Greeting===(Same greetings happen when you knock on his study door, but [[Redguard:Cyrus|Cyrus]] doesn't say his part) :'''"Excuse me. Are you the Archmage?"''':''"Leave me, please. I have much to do."'''''OR''':'''"Can I have a moment?"''':''"Are you slow boy? Begone!"'''''OR''':'''"This really won't take long."''':''"The [[Lore:Battlespire|Battlespire]] test awaits. I have no time for you now. Please."'''''OR''':'''"I was wondering..."''':''"Don't make me throw you out! Now leave me!"''  ===Gremlin Scene===(After Jaganvir appears; for the dialogue leading up to this see [[Redguard:Falicia|Falicia]]: "[[Redguard:Falicia#Soulgem|Soulgem]]") {{huhRedguard Log Entry|Archmage Jaganvir surprises Falicia telling about Iszara, Joto, and the soulgem. Jaganvir casts an enchantment turning me into a gremlin to keep me from revealing this information to anyone.}}:'''Jaganvir''': ''"Silence!"'':'''Falicia''': ''"Archmage Jaganvir! I was only--"'':'''Jaganvir''': ''"Would you have the Empire put the whole of the guild in chains? Speaking of this is strictly forbidden!"'':'''Cyrus''': ''"Back off, sparkly, I was just leaving. I have everything I wanted to know."'':'''Jaganvir''': ''"You're not leaving until I'm sure you'll never speak a word of what you've learned. And I have a perfect... and most satisfying... means of ensuring your discretion."''

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