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* {{Book Link|Elders of Bramblebreach}}
* {{Book Link|The Eldest: A Pilgrim's Tale}}
* {{Book Link|The Green Ladies' Abode|namespns_base=Online}}
* {{Book Link|Green Pact Bosmer: Observations}}
* {{Book Link|The Humor of Wood Elves}}
* {{Book Link|Oathbreakers of Ouze}}
* {{Book Link|Oathbreakers' Rest}}
* {{Book Link|One Bosmer's Response to the Dominion|namespns_base=Online}}
* {{Book Link|The Ooze: A Fable}}
* {{Book Link|Pact Magic Examined}}
* '''{{Cite book|PGE|1|Aldmeri Dominion}}'''
* '''{{Cite book|PGE|3|Valenwood}}'''
* {{Book Link|Reward for Information: Silvenar|namespns_base=Online}}
* {{Book Link|The Source of the Bone}}
* {{Book Link|Thalmor Diplomatic Corps Notice|namespns_base=Online}}
* {{Book Link|Thalmor Handbill|namespns_base=Online}}
* {{Book Link|Valenwood: A Study}}
* {{Book Link|Varieties of Faith: The Wood Elves}}
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