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Lore:Strange Rituals of the Orsimer

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{{Book Summary
|descriptiontitle=Strange Rituals of the Orsimer<br/>A Study of Death Rites of the People of Tamriel
|author={{[[Lore:Books Linkby Author#Chaplain Jorden|Chaplain Jorden}}]], Priest of {{Lore Link|Arkay}}
|description=A Study of Death Rites of the People of Tamriel
|description=A study into the funerary rites practiced by the Orcs of Wrothgar
:As a devout follower of the {{Lore Link|Arkay|god of burials and funeral rites}}, I have dedicated my life to the study of the ceremonies and rituals performed by the various races of {{Lore Link|Tamriel}} when it comes to the deaths of their leaders, family members, and loved ones. In this volume, I explore the death rites of the Orsimer—otherwise known as the {{Lore Link|Orc}}s of {{Lore Link|Wrothgar}}.
:Popular lore would have us believe that an Orc's remains lay where they fall. While there is a grain of truth in this concept, Orcs know as much about disease and decay as any of the other intelligent races. No one wants a rotting corpse left around to stink up the place, and rotting corpses attract all kinds of insects and predators. So, while the spot where an Orc dies is marked and considered almost sacred by his brethren, the body is not left in place for more than a few hours. During this time, friends and family come by to pay their last respects. Then the body is removed—to where, I cannot say.
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