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The purpose of this page is to document some aspects of Skyrim that are specific to the '''Playstation 3PlayStation''' version of the game. The vast majority of gameplay is identical on all platforms (PC, Xbox 360, or PS3PlayStation): the quests are the same, the [[Skyrim:Glitches|glitches]] are the same with exception to lag issues being less prevalent on PC. One difference during gameplay is that reaching certain milestones will unlock Trophies; these are listed at [[Skyrim:Achievements|Achievements]].
The PS3 version of the game has some issues with lag (loading), although most of this was rectified with version 1.4 of the [[Skyrim:Patch|Official Skyrim Patch]]. It was widely reported on Bethsoft's Official Forums and across a large number of reputable Gaming Websites, IGN, Gamespot, CVG, etc, that the lag problem was bad enough to "stop or badly affect gameplay" with a large number of players save games becoming frozen upon loading, as well as a whole host of other bugs and issues both pre-existing and caused by the patches made to the game. Bethesda stated that patch 1.2 would focus on these performance problems, but the patch didn't help at all. Afterwards, Bethesda stated that patch 1.4 would get rid of the PS3 lag.
==Missing PC Features==
Some of the PC features that are not available on the PS3PlayStation are:
* The [[Skyrim:Console|console]]. This means that PC bug fixes on articles are not available to PS3 players. It also means that most cheats and exploits are not available.
* The [[Skyrim:Creation Kit|Creation Kit]]. The Creation Kit does not directly affect game play; rather it allows the game files to be viewed and edited. A lot of the information on the Wiki is derived from the Creation Kit, because it allows the factors controlling game playgameplay to be easily identified. However [[UESPWiki:CSList|CSList]], a tool to display game data, is provided by the site and available for viewing forby technically inclined users.
==Interface Differences==
Although the keyboard and PS3PlayStation controller clearly provide very different methods of interacting with the game, most of the controls work the same way. Some differences, however, include:
* On the PS3PlayStation there is no way to toggle [[Skyrim:Controls#Automove|Automove]].
** Walking vs running is controlled by how far forward you push the left thumbstick. Slight motions of the thumbstick will cause your character to walk; pushing the thumbstick as far as it will go will cause your character to go faster and by holding down L2 will make your character runsprint. (This is most obvious if you use [[Skyrim:Controls#Change View|third-person view]]).
* The Quick Save and Quick Load shortcuts are not available; save and load are only accessible through the [[Skyrim:Controls#Open Journal|Menu]] options.
==Downloadable Content==
All DLC is included with the PS4 version.
*[[Skyrim:Dawnguard|Dawnguard]] was released on the PS3 on February 26, 2013 in the United States, and February 27, 2013 in English-speaking territories.
*[[Skyrim:Hearthfire|Hearthfire]] was released on the PS3 on February 19, 2013 in the United States, and February 20, 2013 in English-speaking territories.

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