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Daggerfall:Beginner's Guide

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Joining the Mages Guild
Press "M" inside the city to open your map. Guild halls, such as the Mages Guild's, are blue. The Mages Guild typically has the largest guild hall in any city, so find the largest one and guide yourself through the city to it. When nearby, press the F3 button to identify the building by clicking on it. When you've found it, press the F2 or F4 button to change your clicking mode, and click on the door.
Most NPCs inside the guild can help you enroll. If you chose a magical skill for both Primary and Major skills, they will allow you to join. Afterwards, find someone in the guild with a menu option, "SpellmakerMake Spells." This will open a dialogue allowing you to create your own custom spells. You will want spells with the following effects:
* Levitation
* Open (unlocks doors)
Also recommended are a Regenerate Health spell, a Heal Stamina spell, and a damaging spell of some kind. Choose a Continuous Damage spell, keeping the ordinary duration, and setting its magnitude to ((1-1)+(2-2)per every 1 level). Using the options in the bottom-right of Spellmaker, choose "On By Touch," and the element of your choice. You may want to make another copy of the spell in a different element. This setup will produce a spell that requires little magicka, but will quickly gain power to slay creatures at your level. Spells decrease in magicka cost as your skills increase, so you'll want to create more powerful versions of it as you increase in your Destruction spell.
For the future, when creating more powerful versions of your spells, always increase the "per level" value, and never the base value. "Per level" allows you to gain exponential spellpower as you level with no increase in magicka cost.

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