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Daggerfall:Beginner's Guide

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=== Stutter Stepping ===
When you meet your first opponent, you will notice that it must first stand still before hitting you. The enemy hold holds a combat pose before attacking. You can step backwards about two times, and being thus out of range, the enemy will lose its "charge" and have to set itself up again in its combat pose before attacking again. Get some practice allowing the enemy to run up to you and then stepping back out of its combat range. With some work, you will learn how to '''stutter step''', which is a way to kill nearly any enemy without being hit. A long hallway will allow you to run backwards in stuttering motion, hitting the enemy all the while, and then turn around when you've reached the end and kiting it once more until it's defeated.
Take note that an enemy also has a moving attack pose, which you can't interrupt and is far harder to distance from. Because of this, you want to make sure the enemy has stopped moving before it begins its attack animation. Doing it this way, you can safely step away, and the enemy will not move after you until it has already missed.
* If you go into a shop and loiter until after it closes, you will be free to take anything from its shelves with no danger of being caught. Bookstores seem to still sell their goods after closing hours.
* Travel to a place within the Daggerfall region called the Rusty Ogre Lodge. Go into the tavern, and head upstairs to the common bedroom. You'll find several small dressers, which contain unusually powerful equipment. Take everything until you're fully equipped with the best armor. This cache will replenish if you travel elsewhere and return. * Choosing a character with "Critical Weakness to Disease," then selecting a background option to suffer a further weakness to disease, will make the character immune to disease, as the value underflows. The same is true of poison. * While outdoors in any location, open the travel map and select your own current location/ Choose to travel there "Cautiously." You will arrive on the outskirts of the location, and your health and stamina will be returned to full. Magicka is also restored for any character who can regenerate it naturally.

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