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Daggerfall:Beginner's Guide

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== Escaping the Dungeon ==
Now with combat understood, you will be ready to escape the dungeon. The UESP has a very functional walkthrough for it ([[Daggerfall:Privateer's Hold|very functional walkthrough]])for it, which should help you navigate as much as you need.
Some of the things on the ground will be treasure piles. Center the view on them and press the Spacebar to search them. These will contain random pieces of treasure, sometimes holding armor and weapons that will be very useful. Human enemies you defeat will also carry equipment, making them particularly useful targets.
* If your quest leads you to find an ingredient such as Orc's Blood or Snake Venom, this will be found on the floor in the dungeon and will have no other distinguishing feature when you find it. You'll need to click on it, same as a treasure pile, and it will enter your inventory. Quest objects have a green background on their item tile.
* If you open your character sheet (F5) and find your attributes lower than normal, press the "I" key in normal gameplay. This will provide you with the time and inform you whether you are diseased. Diseases can be cured at any [[Daggerfall:Temples|temple]] in civilization, which should not be confused with [[Daggerfall:Shrine|shrines]]. A diseased character will die if untreated in time.
* Successfully completing the quest and returning to the quest giver within the time limit will grant you +5 reputation with the Mages Guild. Failing the quest in any way will grant you -3 reputation. Reaching too low a reputation with the guild will remove your standing with them.
== Moving On ==
After securing yourself a place in the Mages Guild, you may want to find what else Daggerfall has to offer. A letter from Lady Brisienna will likely arrive soon. It isn't a requirement to complete the main quest, but it provides a background for the game's situation, and prevents a heavy faction loss with Brisienna (though that impacts little).
You may want to find a [[Daggerfall:Fighters Guild|Fighters Guild]], a [[Daggerfall:Knightly_Orders|Knightly Order]], or a [[Daggerfall:Temples|Temple]] you consider worth joining. The stats provided in this tutorial will allow you to join the Fighters Guild, and you also qualify for a Knightly Order if you chose Long Blade and Archery as your weapon skills. You may also work for an invitation to the [[Daggerfall:Thieves_Guild|Thieves Guild]] or the [[Daggerfall:Dark_Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]]. For more variety, talk to any peasant within a city and ask for work using the buttons in the top left corner. You can use this to learn of merchants and innkeepers who have some urgent need at hand, usually for a monetary reward. You could also search out [[Daggerfall:Quests#Nobles|noble quests]], although these are harder to find. There are other sources of quests available in the world, but I won't detail them here.
As you gain levels, you''Inprogress''ll receive unsolicited letters from people in far-off regions who will help you start the main quest. You can accept these quests or delay them indefinitely. When speaking to any NPC in the main quest, always accept the quest they offer, or you will never be given a second chance to do it; this will effectively break the main quest for that character forever.
== Exploits ==

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