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Online:Armlet of Torug

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|loc=*[[Online:House of Orsimer Glories|House of Orsimer Glories]], [[Online:Orsinium(city)|Orsinium]]
|collection=Orsinium Archive
:{{Lore Link|King Torug}}, founder of the original city of {{Lore Link|Orsinium (city)|Orsinium}}, possessed a powerful relic known as the Armlet of Torug. According to legend, the armlet is a magical bracelet encrusted with gems. With its power, Torug was able to tame the savage wilderness of {{Lore Link|Wrothgar}} and establish the first city of Orsinium.
:Ancient text fragments describe the armlet, Torug's shrine, and something called "{{Lore Link|Sorrow's Kiss}}." Armed only with these hints, the famed explorer {{Lore Link|Lady Clarisse Laurent}} agreed to lead an expedition to the summit to find and retrieve the relic on behalf of the {{Lore Link|House of Orsimer Glories}}.
:As with all items of historic significance, please remember not to touch anything in the museum.

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