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Morrowind:Ondres Nerano

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'''Ondres Nerano''' is a [[Morrowind:Dunmer|Dunmer]] [[Morrowind:Merchant|merchant]] and Hireling of [[Morrowind:House Hlaalu|House Hlaalu]] who lives in his manor on the west side of [[Morrowind:Balmora|Balmora]]. [[Morrowind:Sugar-Lips Habasi|Sugar-Lips Habasi]] of the [[Morrowind:Thieves Guild|Thieves Guild]] wants to rob his house; [[Morrowind:Athyn Sarethi|Athyn Sarethi]] wants you to force him to retract his slanders about [[Morrowind:House Redoran|House Redoran]].
Ondres wears an [[Morrowind:Extravagant Shirt|extravagant shirt]], [[Morrowind:Extravagant Pants|pants]], [[Morrowind:Extravagant Gloves|gloves]], [[Morrowind:Extravagant Belt|belt]], [[Morrowind:Extravagant Shoes|shoes]], [[Morrowind:Extravagant Ring|ring]], and [[Morrowind:Extravagant Sapphire Amulet|sapphire amulet]]. He carries his [[Morrowind:Key to Nerano Manor|key]] to the manor along with up to 150 gold. Aside from his natural [[Morrowind:Resist Fire|resistance to fire]] and the [[Morrowind:Sanctuary|sanctuary]] provided by his ancestors, he knows the spells [[Morrowind:Spells/Great Resist Frost|Great Resist Frost]], [[Morrowind:Spells/Great Resist Fire|Great Resist Fire]], [[Morrowind:Spells/Great Resist Common Disease|Great Resist Common Disease]], [[Morrowind:Spells/Charisma|Charisma]], and [[Morrowind:Spells/Wisdom|Wisdom]].
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