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Undo revision 1476157 by Rezalon (talk) not really, there's nothing to suggest that the Mages Guild and the College couldn't have both existed in Winterhold before the MG was dissolved after 3E 433
== Notes ==
*Winterhold is one of the possible starting locations for {{Lore Link|Nord}}s.
*There is a [[Arena:Services#Mage|Mages Guild]] in this city, which has a [[Arena:Labyrinthian|part]] in the [[Arena:Main Quest|Main Quest]]. [[Lore:Pocket_Guide_to_the_Empire,_3rd_Edition/Skyrim|Future]] [[Skyrim:College_of_Winterhold_(place)|games]] retcon the existence of this Mages Guild by introducing the [[Lore:College_of_Winterhold|College of Winterhold]], which is an independent organization not a part of the Guild.
*For historical information, see the [[Lore:Winterhold (city)|lore article]].
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