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The Green Pact has had an enormous impact on Bosmeri artwork. Their walls are often decorated with skulls and bones.{{ref|name=CWS|{{Cite book|Conversation with Shamunur}}}} It forces their architects to take great care in their work, apparently strengthening their craftsmanship. Inside tree hollows and residences, hides are stretched out over frames of bones to form partitions. Traditional wooden homes can be found close to rivers and the coast, where imported lumber is easy to find and cheap to purchase. More of these types of buildings can be found on the forest floor of cities like Elden Root or Silvenar, typically to house foreigners like the Altmer, but Bosmer cities in the Green are more well-known for the many homes scattered throughout the canopy of the trees.{{ref|name=AA}}
Many "citified tree-folk" favor a life among the branches, and have woven them together to form limbed pathways without harming the trees. Trails of thick, living vines anchor dozens of platforms that carry goods and people among the graht-oaks. These platforms are hoisted by strong, often foreign laborers. Bone, resin, and sinew are employed by the Bosmer in a plethora of ways, including bridge design. A secondary market in such scraps allows the tree-dwellers to recycle their animal waste by simply tossing it to the ground below, where it is scavenged and reworked into a variety of items.{{ref|name=AA}} What is not scavenged is absorbed by the roots of the trees and used to keep the settlement healthy. These cities are grown by Bosmer Greenspeakers, who use rituals of speech or song to grow entire villages in just a few days.{{ref|name=ONGloo|[[Online:Glooredel|Glooredel's]] dialogue in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}{{ref|name=LMAGwaering|[[Lore:Gwaering Answers Your Questions|Loremaster's Archive: Y'ffre's Beckoning]]}} This magic can also be used to fashion wooden items, presumably without violating the Green Pact.{{ref|[[Online:Contraband W|Contraband]] in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Below ground, the trees share a common root system which delivers hot sap into each hut to keep them warm.{{ref|name=ONGloo}}
Like the Nords, the Bosmer rely heavily on stylized, often interlocking natural motifs in their architecture, crafts, and clothing. However, while the Nords emphasize animals, Bosmeri designs are mainly floral.{{ref|name=RM4TN|{{Cite book|Racial Motifs 4: The Nords}}}} Since the Bosmer believe that a species' form is a sacred gift from Y'ffre, each species is depicted by a particular, idealized motif which represents the ur-form it was given by Y'ffre. Thus, while there a great plethora of designs in Bosmeri artwork, there is very little room for variation in these designs. Seemingly inconsequential details are rigidly scrutinized, and those which deviate from the norm are looked down upon as plain "wrong".{{ref|name=RM3TWE}}

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