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Lore:House Tharn of Nibenay

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{{Lore Link|Tharn|House Tharn}} of {{Lore Link|Cheydinhal}} is one of the most distinguished noble families of northern {{Lore Link|Nibenay}}, where they have held extensive estates since early in the {{Lore Link|First Era}}. The family may, as they claim, be as old as the First Era itself: as house historians like to point out, there is a "{{Lore Link|Tharanus Ye Redde-Hand}}" mentioned in the {{Lore Link|Tamrilean Tractates}} of {{Year|1E 200}}. In those days before {{Lore Link|Alessian Slave Rebellion|Alessia's Slave Rebellion}}, this proto-Tharn was apparently a slave overseer employed by the {{Lore Link|Ayleid}} Elves of {{Lore Link|Fanacas}}, a mining hold in the hills north of modern-day Cheydinhal. Based upon the fact that the Ayleids were known to have kept business records in red ink, the Tharn historians posit that this "Redde-Hand" was probably literate and employed in some clerical capacity. To be thorough, I will mention Lady {{Lore Link|Euphemia Glaber}}'s theory that identified this Tharanus with the notorious "{{Lore Link|Tharhan the Mutilant}}" of the {{Lore Link|Gradual Massacre}} in {{Year|1E 227}}, but this was completely disproved by the text of the "{{Lore Link|Scroll of Precursor Saints}}" discovered the in the vaults below {{Lore Link|White-Gold Tower}} by Chancellor {{Lore Link|Abnur Tharn}} in {{Year|2E 541}}.
House tradition holds that the Tharn family was active in St. {{Lore Link|Alessia}}'s slave uprising, with one {{Lore Link|Vilius Tharn}} serving {{Lore Link|Pelinal Whitestrake}} as "Blade-Serrator and Master of the Abbatoir." But the next Tharn who can definitely be identified in the historical record is {{Lore Link|Books_by_Author#Arch-Prelate Fervidius Tharn|Fervidius Tharn}} of the {{Lore Link|{{Nst|Alessian Order|ON=[[ON:Alessian Order (faction)|Alessian Order]]}}}}, who was Arch-Prelate of the {{Lore Link|Maruhkati Selective}} from {{Year|1E 1188}} until his death (exact date indeterminate). Fervidius is best-remembered today as the author of the "{{Lore Link|Sermons Denouncing the Seventeen Leniencies}}."
Noble Tharn captains led mercenary companies that fought on both sides in the {{Lore Link|War of Righteousness}} in the {{Year|1E 2300|2300}}s, and when the dust settled General {{Lore Link|Turpis Tharn|Turpis "Volte-Face" Tharn}} was in possession of the broad holdings that the family today calls home. Taking the title Earl of Outer Cheydinhal, Turpis married a niece of Admiral {{Lore Link|Bendu Olo}} and set about fathering numerous descendants.
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