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Lore:The Brothers of Strife

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The Nedes, after a few short years, controlled most of what we now call {{Lore Link|Stonefalls}}. The Chimer armies were cut off from the Inner Sea and reinforcements from {{Lore Link|Vvardenfell}}. The brothers retreated again and again until finally, they were left with a small elite force of sorcerers and troops. This force then took shelter in an ancient {{Lore Link|Daedric}} ruin.
What happened at that ruin has been lost to time, but the {{Lore Link|Brothers of Strife (place)|massive statues }} that now mark the site endure as a mute testament. The death of the Chimer generals ended the war, but at what cost?
At this ruin, the so-called Brothers of Strife were born. My research shows that Chimer mages from Vvardenfell eventually bound the beasts, but not before the Brothers ended the lives of hundreds of men and mer. One of the darkest chapters in our people's history followed. The unstoppable beasts made the ash run red with blood, Chimer and Nede alike.
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