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Lore:Telenger the Artificer Answers Your Questions 2

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:;“In my travels, I've heard about the {{Lore Link|Pillar of Thras}}. It is true that the Sload perform sacrifices here? If so, what is their motive? Also, is it true that some of the victims disappear before they touch the ground? What happens to them? On another note, how is {{Lore Link|Sload Soap}} made? I've heard rumors of an entire factory in {{Lore Link|High Rock}} dedicated to its production by crushing Sload larvae!" – Bertille Montrose, {{Lore Link|Breton}} bookseller and amateur scholar
:Telenger the Artificer says, “So many questions! You Bretons always seem so frenetic to us, trying to cram so much activity into your brief lives. I suppose it's understandable, however.
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