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|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Telenger the Artificer|Telenger the Artificer]]
|description=Telenger the Artificer answers questions on lore
|source=*[[Lore:Elder Scrolls Online - Loremaster's Archive|ESO Loremaster's Archive]] ([ link])
:;“I have two questions. Firstly, what is the {{Lore Link|Sload}}s' relationship like with the {{Lore Link|Maormer}}? They seem like the only {{Lore Link|Races|race}} that would deal with them frequently. Secondly, do they have any connection to the rise of the {{Lore Link|Worm Cult}} on the mainland? Many thanks for your wisdom, and may {{Lore Link|Mauloch}} guide your staff and light your way." - Urgazul gro-Brashnuk, {{Lore Link|Orsinium}} Historian and Keeper of the Forge-Secrets
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